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Title: Why a board for mixing?
Post by: Mick on June 07, 2014, 06:52:13 AM
Welcome to the Mixing Board.

With all the other forum boards available here for playing - including discussions, tutorials, instruments and hardware, and vendor outlets, the final part of the song process is always recording, mixing, and mastering the track.  Mixing is the process of first recording your tracks into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), then refining each track through the use of equalizers, effects such as reverb or compression (though there are thousands of possible effects available to use for a particular sound), volume (or level) control, and any other processing which allows each individual track to find its own place in the final mix.

The mixing process can be simple, or involve many, many steps, depending on the sound and quality you're looking for.  A wide range of books and tutorials have been written on the mixing process alone.  Many artists give their tracks to a mixing engineer for the final mix and master, but more and more indie artists are finding they prefer to do this themselves on their own home or small studio computer systems.  This board can be used to ask questions, discuss the various mixing techniques, or offer advice to those just getting started.

Once your mix has been completed, the final step in the process is Mastering the final track.  Discussions on Mastering can be found in the child board here.  And if you have questions on the operation of a specific DAW, please use that board.