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hahah Thanks Joom, i really appreciate it!

Hey Guys,

So I Made a video for you all about Learning songs by ear, I cover the 3 main points on how to work out a song, and writing it down.

I hope you all enjoy my Video and subscribe for more videos very soon, any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks  :tup:


Hey WhiteStrat,
Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed the review.

To answer some of your questions, (this is where the guitar geekness begins :P)

The sound is a mix of the amps lineout, going into my DAW with an EQ, used to just touch it in a nice way, take out any harshness in the high, and boom at the lows etc.  And then also my Cameras mic as a room cam. (now thinking about it, the room cam seems to of overcome the mix).

I think they used an XLR line out instead of a Jack one, is because its a balanced cable, so i guess it could decrease possible noise from earth issues and such, but it seems to work great, and it's a nice little feature.

Also i was swapping to different pickup positions throughout the video, to demonstrate different tones and what not. The pickups themselves are just the stock ones that came in it. It's a 99' Indonesia Squier Strat, and the pickups just have a beautiful quirky sound.

thanks for the history on the Sponge Feature, i didn't know that. Much appreciated :)

thanks for watching  :tup:

Here's a demo Review of the wonderful, rather rare Peavey Windsor Studio Valve Amp.

It's a class A Valve amp, with some great features, I hope you enjoy the video!

Any Questions, feel free to ask.

Connor - thanks for the suggestions as well! I hadn't heard of a guitar clinic before. I'll look to see if there are any in our area. We were thinking about organizing some sort of tone clinic, where John talks more about the science behind sound, pickups, etc. We also decided to go to summer NAMM so maybe we'll make some good connections there.

I'm loving the tone Clinic idea, I'm sure that will be successful. the science behind sound is a great one! Good luck at NAMM, I'm sure you'll meet lots of great contacts. :)

Too bad the two of you aren't nearby! We'd love to meet you in-person and for you to check out our demo guitar. Maybe we can eventually justify a trip out to Europe, with a stop in Australia along the way?

I know, such a shame were far away. If you do make it to Europe, Keep us posted, would be great to meet you too!

All the best


hey Guys, hope all is well!

Derelict Dream have got a Headlining Gig at Sticky Mikes in Brighton on the 4th.

if you're free why not come down, and enjoy a night of Creamy distortion, Technical Catastrophe and Heavenly Headbanging!

would love to see you there

Some great ideas by Scarebear, i'm gonna have to check out that Boss video too ;) i would say definitely take advantage of the online community, making a video to try and demonstrate its abilities to the full.

 and perhaps promote and arrange an event with the video, or maybe try join a guitar clinic show, showcasing this wonderful guitar for people to try?

just a few ideas. i'd love to see what it could do myself ahha. please keep me posted.

All the best


hey Guys, hope all is well!

Derelict Dream have got a Headlining Gig at Sticky Mikes in brighton on the 4th.

if you're free why not come down, and enjoy a night of Creamy distortion, Technical Catastrophe and Heavenly Headbanging!

would love to see you there  :tup:


Wow they look absolutely amazing, just tried out your Custom builder. loving it!

These look brilliant, i'll be sure to keep an eye on your products in the future!

They look brilliant!, I bet they sound beautiful too.


I have to say this is such a tricky 1 as there are so many. I use the VOX satchurator & time machine along with the VOX wah pedal at the moment. I must say they are very well built & have some great tone & features.
My favourite on my line up at the moment has to be my DIGITECH WHAMMY DT just coz it has so many cool features on it! Hours of creative fun!

Loving the pedals you listed, Digitech whammy is brilliant, great for coming up with new whacky ideas. may i ask what the Satch Vox pedals are like? they good for the money? was looking at shelling out on one to try out, review, and see if it'll stay on my board so I can mess around with some more Satch stuff haah thanks!

Also Digitech and Electro-Harmonix are the ones for me so far, they both come up with so many great ideas for pedals.

Good point, totally forgot to add a link oops!

here it is, thanks a bunch everyone, and hope you enjoy it :)

Hey guys! Very excited as an online interview with my band was just released, Had a lot of fun doing it and would love it if you would take a gander!  ;D

General Discussion / Re: What's your favourite DAW
« on: March 21, 2014, 10:55:00 AM »
I've been using Presonus Producer the last few months, and it's been rather tasty. Easy access, very adaptable for plugins and third party stuff. Nice lay out and just a joy to use. Protools is pretty good too, but found it a bit isolated as it wasn't very compatible with plugins and whatnot.

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