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dRh   is a Rock /Blues band who enjoy writing, recording, and performing original tunes. Their songs are heavily influenced by their acoustic conception, rock and roll attitude, and their blues fore fathers.

The bands origins started when Barry and Dave were in rival bands at adjacent high schools.

Unbeknownst to the dudes, they were both dating the same older woman, whom seduced young musicians minds. Travelling in small town circles, the guys eventually found out, and joined forces in a new band, the Outsiders. They began writing songs about the stereotypical staples - sex, drugs, and the usefulness of Velcro.

After extensively touring the Tri-Counties, the band was gaining a reputation as a hard partying crew, and we're asked (forced) to move out of their parents homes. On a cold October night, the bands van and instruments were destroyed by a suspicious fire which left the guys homeless and broke. Unable to replace their instruments, the guys were left with no choice but to move onto day jobs, and higher education.

Fast forward in time....., Barry and Dave cross paths when being interviewed by the RCMP regarding their once common girlfriend, who had been charged with making illicit sex tapes in her Dirt Road Home.


Barry Bennett, Vocalist, song writer , has built a life time of "interesting, heart felt, passionate, historic catalog of songs".
When otherwise occupied, you will find him on extended back country camping trips, testing hammers, rock hounding, and wasting time watching fail video compilations. He once convinced a girlfriend to join him in living 100% off the grid for an entire year, in a cozy 12'x12' cabin. They are now happily engaged.

Dave Croft, is an accomplished professional drummer.
Dave has played live and recorded with International recording artist Rylee Madison, Richard Wood ,Barnacle, Julia's Rain and nationally Sweet Tooth, in past! Opening and touring for bands such as Tom Cochran Red Rider, Wide Mouth Mason, DR. Hook, and others! Dave continues on his musical journey to entertain and lay
down the beat for his future!

Travis Hatcher, Master of the Great Wide Bass  is also a talented multi-instrumentalist from Nova Scotia.
He has a long rap sheet of solo work, session work,  and gigging throughout Atlantic Canada. Having graduated from Tabliture High School, earning a Bachelor of Video Tutorials from YouTube University, Travis is currently working on his Masters of Stage Antics, giving dRh the bottom end and energy needed to propel the band forward!

, Dillon ‘Frosty’ Winter, is a prodigal son. He picked up the guitar, at the age of 17 figuring out quit quickly that guitar was his "Thing" .He then headed to the West Coast of Canada in order to study jazz at Vancouver Island University while on his off time from school, he played in bands in the Atlantic Canada region . Dillon now has the tools and experience to continue his music career as an artist. While given it his best for dRh

Truly  dRh is a band to keep an eye on!!

Check us out at :      :D 8)

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