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Show Off Your Cover Songs / Don't Let Me Down......... Reggae!
« on: August 17, 2014, 11:39:54 AM »
I just thought I'd throw this one up there, since I have no place else for it..... LOL :D

It was my entry into the TTM monthly Open DAW Challenge.
(Hope it's OK to link. If not, well I don't need to say.... :doh:)
The theme, if I remember, was to record a cover, but in a different style to the original.
Years back, I often used to practice by playing through my Beatles song book, but playing everything in a reggae style (well, sometimes Rock Steady, Ska, Blue Beat, or...... ;D)

I used BIAB to generate the drums, bass and organ (lazy bugger that I am), then had to work twice as hard to get them tamed......(that'll teach me)  :doh:
Getting the 5/4 bits to sit right was a real brain mincer........  ??? But, once I'd read Sonar 8's book of destructions, I got it figured out.... LOL

I can't remember if it reached the podium, but I had a hell of a good time putting it down.  8)

Introduce Yourself / Who me...?
« on: July 06, 2014, 08:00:27 PM »
Hello all.

I'm just a Brit, from London, who lives in Spain and has always had a guitar with him......  ::)

Since '73 it's been a Strat. A white one...........  ;D

I play a bit, here and there, and thoroughly love it.  8)

Played in bands, off and on, and have been known to play here, in Spain, too. Mostly 60s and 70s style, I guess, rock, blues, R+B, soul, reggae, African, country, Caribbean, jazz .......... you get the picture? If it's music, and I like it then I'll have a go at playing it....  :)

I'm quite interested in recording music, too. More so, now that the gear seems to be getting heavier....  :o

Can't think of much else to write, so......... look forward to bumping into you folk in the threads....  ;)

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