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Title: What bass strings?
Post by: Mick on September 19, 2012, 06:47:36 AM
A couple of questions.  What are the best srings to use on a four string electric bass?  And how often should you change them?
Title: Re: What bass strings?
Post by: paulnoise on April 19, 2013, 08:14:43 AM
I use Ernie ball super slinkys and change them every 6 month's or so.  To be honest, try different strings and see what you like. I cannot play with flat wound strings or other fancy blends as for gauge that's more to do with preference
I use the ernies on my guitar too any my reason for picking them is I can never remember what strings I want and these come in a neon pink packet so easy to spot in the shop. 

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Title: Re: What bass strings?
Post by: Hinfrance on April 20, 2013, 12:36:52 PM
I can't abide flat wound strings either. But it's got to be a matter of taste.

I use Rotosound Swing Bass 45-105s or Elite* roundwounds (same gauge), with double ball ends for the Hohner Jazz bass. This is because I want to have a really bright but deep sound. In years of gigging a few times a week I can honestly say that I only ever changed a set of strings after either one of them broke or if the sound became dull - both of which events were rare. I might change them if I was doing some recording, but generally it was not necessary. I haven't played in anger for 10 years now and still have the same sets of strings on both basses that I had when I was last on stage. They still sound and look bright - but I do give them a good rub down with a decent duster or lint free cloth at the end of every playing session and South West France is mostly warm and dry :)

Six string guitars, on the other hand . . . many changes of strings, and at least once every six months. They just don't last. I've never really settled on a brand for them, just the gauge - 09s.

*Looks like your hero Norman Watt-Roy uses Elites ;)
Title: Re: What bass strings?
Post by: Mick on April 20, 2013, 12:53:48 PM
Thanks for the feedback on this, I've seen many people recommend the Ernie ball slinkys, and they were also recommended for the very cheap six string Strat copy that I have too. 

Although they actually recommended the Cobalt one's for that guitar, due to it's cheap underpowered pickups I guess.