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Title: What version of Windows are you using?
Post by: Mick on December 15, 2018, 12:06:22 PM
Just curious as to what version and build of Windows everyone is using.

I recently upgraded this laptop to Windows 10 version 1809.  Must say it's the most unstable update for Windows 10 so far.  Does some really weird things.  Noticed when I shut it down, next time I boot it up one or more browser windows are open, and giving me message about a session not closing properly.  I'll have to grab the exact error next time I see it.   Something just doesn't feel right with this build.

I know Microsoft had problem with this update when they first tried to release it, but thought they had fixed most of the problem now they have unleashed it again.  The original one was deleting files from some people who installed it, at least it hasn't done that to me.
Title: Re: What version of Windows are you using?
Post by: Hinfrance on December 15, 2018, 02:22:15 PM
I'm running 1803 at the moment. I'll turn of auto update until you give me the all clear :)
Title: Re: What version of Windows are you using?
Post by: Mick on December 15, 2018, 03:11:36 PM
Howard, after a couple of restarts it seems to be behaving atm, though it did do the browser window thing randomly. So will probably be some time before I find out for sure.  I don't know if this update is being pushed on to everyone automatically, it doesn't show as a update for my other PC's at the moment.  On this laptop I clicked the check for updates button and there it was.

I will say it took quite some time to update as well,  so when or if you do go for it, make sure you don't need to use the PC for a while.   I would also recommend a google search for 1809 bugs, just in case there's something there which will affect you directly.  ;)
Title: Re: What version of Windows are you using?
Post by: Joom on December 15, 2018, 03:31:18 PM
I have a Windows 10 PC and laptop, and a Windows 8 laptop, but only to stay up to date for testing and client tech support.

My main computers for work (and play) - 3 PCs and 2 laptops - are all Windows 7 Pro.  For me, 7 is the most productive OS out there.  I know it will lose support in a couple years, but I use what works best for me.

For all clients (and family and friends) that have Windows 10 and have problems or don't really like it, I use a free program from Ashampoo to disable all the spying:
And also use "Classic Shell" or "Start MenuX" to make the start menu easier to use.
And, as H mentioned, set Windows Updates to let the user control when to update.
There are a few other things I do to try to make it a little more stable and compatible, but it's different with each system.  And of course you have to watch that updates don't reset all those changes.

For myself, I'll keep using 7 Pro as long as possible (even after full support stops).  And it's what I still recommend to business clients and friends.  Just always works, and is easy to use...