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The power supply is my best guest.
Bass Guitar / Re: Bass, cutting your teeth?
June 11, 2024, 06:24:19 AM
I think that bass and guitar are played differently. Bass guitar are rhythm instruments mainly.
Electric Guitar / Re: Truss Rod Adjustment
June 07, 2024, 07:36:13 AM
If there's too much or too little gap,  check the neck if it needs adjusting.
A style mandolin stands as a testament to the enduring allure of music and craftsmanship. With its rich history, captivating sound, and timeless charm, the mandolin continues to inspire musicians worldwide. Platforms like McNeela Music provide the perfect starting point for those eager to embark on their own mandolin journey.

I just want to ask you guys about what you know on A Style Mandolins
Quote from: Hinfrance on July 14, 2013, 05:02:53 PMDon't know about the Vintage, other than what I have read (I did consider one), but I do have a recently acquired Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom GX in Black Cherry (following a visit from the birthday fairy and saving up for the best part of a year). Oddly it was 20% less expensive here than in the UK (less in Euros than in £s), otherwise I would have gone for the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Pro.

The finish on the Prophecy is beautiful for the price. There are a couple of tiny, and I mean tiny, details that are not quite right, but I had to look really hard to find them.  Obviously I spent some time setting it up to the way I wanted it, but it was fine out of the box even if the strings were not quite up to it. I have changed them for 010 Ernie Balls, but I will change them again to d'Addarios because my Harley Benton LP copy has those and I prefer them.

Which brings me to a Les Paul recommendation. My Prophecy is quite wonderful in my eyes, I'm a sucker for good looks and it plays beautifully and as the adverts say it has a fast neck. But, and it is a big but, I also really like my Harley Benton 450 despite the dodgy finish in places and the bit of resoldering I had to do when I first got it. It too has Wilkinson pickups, looks a million dollars (if you don't look too closely), plays well, has a big fat sound and the longest sustain of all of the guitars I have. It has a set neck, solid mahogany body and neck with a rosewood fingerboard. All in all it bats well above its price bracket. Until I got the Prophecy it was the guitar I played most often. It's so cheap that you'll have loads left over for a decent amplifier too!

Have you looked at a Chapman from Andertons? Possibly a bit metal?

The upshot is that lower priced guitars these days are generally extremely well made and even if the QC is a bit lacking from time to time the underlying products are better than ever. So I'm sure whichever one you go for you'll be more than chuffed with it.

The Prophecy definitely has a great reputation, and those fast necks are a dream to play.
I totally get the thing about cheap guitars – they can be real hidden gems! Sounds like you found a winner with that new Harley Benton 5 string bass. It's always awesome when a budget instrument exceeds expectations.
Quote from: Hinfrance on November 02, 2014, 01:23:07 PMI admit it: I've got a thing about cheap guitars.

I sold my HB 2005 Bass, because I didn't get on with the C shape neck. I have bought a different Harley Benton 5 string bass, of which more later. Being a tight individual I didn't want to pay carriage on the bass, so I added a little bit extra to the pot and bought a second 2 octave neck cheapo to go with my Prophesy.


Talk about serendipity - it's bl**dy excellent. It plays so easily and smoothly I was frankly amazed. I've posted an initial impressions review over on the Thomann site. I'll do a review for here later, when I've worn it in, so to speak. I have seen a rumour that this model is not made in China, but rather comes from Indonesia. There are no 'made in' markings on it or the packaging, so I don't know one way or the other.

The only thing I might ever do to it is upgrade the pickups, but for my purposes the slightly gruff sounding HB ones that are supplied will do nicely for now, thank you.
Bass Guitar / Re: Oops I did it again . .
May 20, 2024, 10:57:05 AM
Sounds like you have an amazing collection already! With four excellent basses and some great six-strings, you're definitely set for a while. The Epiphone Prophesy GX is a fantastic guitar. And exploring the Novation Impulse will surely keep you busy. Enjoy making music with what you have!
Thank you for sharing your work.
Bass Guitar / Re: What bass strings?
May 16, 2024, 11:24:30 AM
Quote from: paulnoise on April 19, 2013, 08:14:43 AMI use Ernie ball super slinkys and change them every 6 month's or so.  To be honest, try different strings and see what you like. I cannot play with flat wound strings or other fancy blends as for gauge that's more to do with preference
I use the ernies on my guitar too any my reason for picking them is I can never remember what strings I want and these come in a neon pink packet so easy to spot in the shop. 

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Sounds like a solid choice! Ernie Ball Super Slinkys are a popular pick for a reason. Trying different strings to find what suits you best is always a good idea. And the neon pink packet definitely makes them easy to spot!
Congratulations on the new song release! "Roadworn Blues" sounds like a great addition to your music catalog. I'll definitely check it out on March 24th and give it a listen. Best of luck with the release, and I'll be sure to share and follow to support you!
I'll for your review soon.
Electric Guitar / Re: Fake Wilkinson pickups.
May 13, 2024, 10:49:07 AM

Thanks for sharing that information! It's unfortunate to hear about the issue with fake Wilkinson pickups, but it's good to know that Harley Benton has taken steps to address it by switching to Roswell pickups.