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Hey - we have a new song out on March 24 called "Roadworn Blues" - its available globally to stream & buy on all the usual services, or wherever you get your music! Feel free to like/share/follow/subscribe... if you want to hear more from us checkout Spotify
Here is a very rough writing demo of Stoneblower's new song "Sawmill" - we are looking for a Rhythm Guitarist/Keyboard Player based in the South East (London/Brighton/Guildford) if anyone is interested. More about us can be seen here , or here You can also email us:
Promote You, or your band / Stoneblower
June 05, 2013, 09:16:21 AM
Hey guys, if you like blues, alt blues and rock, you should give Stoneblower a listen.
You can hear some music here

Also the is more music here

Stoneblower are playing at The Prince Albert in Brighton, UK on June 15, 8pm onwards - come and have a listen and introduce yourself!