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Thank you. We put a lot of ourselves into what we do.
An eclectic mix of music. Just recently pulled out Miranda Sex Garden's Iris album for the garage. Metallica and Faith and the Muse in the car most recently. Me and That Man, Sepultura, Shireen, Heilung, and Pink Floyd, seem to be on my YouTube top artists right now. There is also the Delta Blues radio station and the classic rock and 80's for the radio picks. But all that is just a limited sample.
Company Shout Outs! / Atrum Kithara Unique Instruments
November 14, 2021, 08:58:09 AM
It has been awhile since I logged into here and thought I would update. Usually I just lurk and read the forums.

Now located in Portland, Oregon and still building guitars, but also making cigar box guitars, ukuleles, and kalimbas.

New website as my wife and daughter have joined up to make it a family business with lots of other offerings.
General Discussion / Re: Pinch Harmonics
February 17, 2016, 06:59:33 AM
I tried and failed for years. A friend of mine tried to show me on my cheap first guitar and said he couldn't do it because there was not enough gain, he was only using an overdrive pedal. Now I have lots of guitars. I find that some are super easy to get the pinch harmonic, it is just finding the right spot to get the right pitch. Still can't get them from that original guitar, regardless of the distortion and I have various degrees of luck on other guitars.

I think a big part of it is the pickups and maybe the guitars ability to produce the higher harmonics. Maybe something to experiment with next time I change pickups. I built a guitar with an alder body, maple cap and neck, Pau ferro fingerboard, and put Bill Lawrence lx500 pickups in it. It squeals like a pig when I want it to.
That is a very nice looking guitar. Nice playing too.
General Discussion / Re: Guitar Tuning
February 14, 2016, 11:34:39 PM
Drop D is fun, especially with some distortion. I like open tunings for clean with chorus effect, although I usually don't know what I am playing, but I hate retuning. One of my excuses why I need more guitars. Multiple tunings of each guitar at the ready.

I am still a little confused on 12 string tuning. Most twelve strings are tuned to D (two steps down on all strings, not just a dropped E to D), but transcriptions usually show them tuned as standard and no mention of capoes, nor have I seen anyone using one. Maybe I just didn't notice?
Scarebear I agree. Good to have choices.

Hinfrance I will agree on the car color. With guitars it gets too complicated. What if I have a guitar in drop d but it is red and I am wearing a green shirt (purely hypothetical, I only wear black in real life). It would clash. Now I need another one that would match, so then I need multiple colors of each guitar. This means having exponentially more guitars to buy and store. As if there are not enough as it is just due to keeping them in different tunings, body styles and just sounding better for a certain type of music. Although I would go dark red on a hollow or semi hollow jazz box or SG shape.

I agree on the music. There are a few songs on the cd where the voices are more in line with the music, but a lot of it is the "cute" squeaky anime voices matching the image of the girls in the video. I find it annoying. The lyrics are probably also not my thing although I don't know more than five words in Japanese. Other than Babymetal Death, the only other English title is Gimme Chocolate.

If I was into anime, I would probably think it was great.
Looks nice for the price. There are occasionally good guitars for cheap. I have a couple cheapies that I would not give up, but later years of the same models were nearly unplayable.. Important thing is that it feels good and sounds good.

Do guitars need to come in colors other than black?
A friend sent me a CD for family listening in the car. It is ummm.... different.  Something called Kawaii metal or J pop combined with metal. Appears they are extremely popular in Japan.


BABYMETAL - いいね!- Iine! (Full ver.):
General Discussion / Re: When to start a child on guitar?
November 02, 2014, 04:29:51 PM
Thanks, Joom.

I wonder if it would be better to start with something like a ukulele  for the size and simplicity,  along with the nylon strings being soft and easy on the fingers. Might be a good excuse to get or build myself one and start learning. Never to early for me to learn things that can help my daughter.  ;D
General Discussion / When to start a child on guitar?
November 02, 2014, 03:43:56 PM
So, I recently became a father and it has taken over my life. Life got excessively busy well before she was born, but now that we are five weeks in, I am slowly getting back into normal life again, sleep and all that.

Being a firm believer that music education and learning to play an instrument is important, I look forward to sharing the experience with her eventually. Obviously she is way too young right now, but at what age do you start and how?

I know there are children learning violin as young as two. Would that be crazy for guitar? Better to start on a different instrument like piano first, like Eddie Van Halen? Am I crazy for already thinking about this?
Release the Kraken (RAW edition)! That pedal sounds very tasty.
Very nice looking guitars. I like the use of non traditional woods. There are a lot of good woods to choose from and there are some people who would say they can even sound better than the traditional ones.
That's some nice playing. Thanks for sharing. Your band Seven Kingdoms sounds good too.