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I totally get it! Finding a guitar that feels like an extension of yourself is amazing. It's great to have that one instrument you always reach for first.
Quote from: AtrumKithara on November 14, 2021, 08:58:09 AMIt has been awhile since I logged into here and thought I would update. Usually I just lurk and read the forums.

Now located in Portland, Oregon and still building guitars, but also making cigar box guitars, ukuleles, and kalimbas.

New website as my wife and daughter have joined up to make it a family business with lots of other offerings.

Your new ventures sound awesome—cigar box guitars, ukuleles, and kalimbas are really cool!
Enjoy the enhancements!
Slide guitar can look difficult because it adds an extra layer of technique to an already complex instrument. However, with practice and the right approach, learning slide guitar can be enjoyable and rewarding, rather than daunting. Don't let the initial challenge discourage you!

The Harley Benton L-450Plus Honey Burst Vintage Series looks amazing. It has a mahogany body with an arched flamed "AAA"-grade maple top, a set-in mahogany neck, and a rosewood fretboard with 22 frets.

The Wilkinson Alnico V MWCHB humbucker pickups should give it a great sound, and I love the classic look with the high-gloss honey burst finish.
That sounds amazing!

A tour of Fender's USA guitar factory in Corona must have been a fantastic experience. Seeing those incredible custom shops, artist collections, and the original 1950s Nocaster up close is a dream come true for any guitar enthusiast.

Thanks for sharing
That's a very fun repair video to watch.
I think the Fender American Pro II series sounds fantastic! The combination of modern and classic features, like the V-Mod II pickups and the "Super Natural" neck finish, really appeals to me.
Thomann really stands out for their customer service! I had an issue with my headphones, and they're sending me a replacement without hassle. All I need to do is hold onto the broken pair for a bit. Great experience so far!
The Soundcraft EFX12 is indeed a pretty advanced piece of equipment with its 12 channels and built-in Lexicon effects. Hopefully, replacing those NJM5532s and fixing the broken connections will get everything up and running smoothly again.
I really love this kinds of posts.
His contributions to music technology, particularly the invention of the cassette tape and the compact disc, have profoundly influenced the way we create and enjoy music.
Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed seeing how our guitars are made.
The power supply is my best guest.
Bass Guitar / Re: Bass, cutting your teeth?
June 11, 2024, 06:24:19 AM
I think that bass and guitar are played differently. Bass guitar are rhythm instruments mainly.