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D'Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound, Regular Light, 10-46 x 3 Pack

The ideal combination of tone, flexibility and long life..

Harley Benton Progressive Series L-1000 VB

Started by Hinfrance, November 02, 2014, 01:23:07 PM

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I admit it: I've got a thing about cheap guitars.

I sold my HB 2005 Bass, because I didn't get on with the C shape neck. I have bought a different Harley Benton 5 string bass, of which more later. Being a tight individual I didn't want to pay carriage on the bass, so I added a little bit extra to the pot and bought a second 2 octave neck cheapo to go with my Prophesy.


Talk about serendipity - it's bl**dy excellent. It plays so easily and smoothly I was frankly amazed. I've posted an initial impressions review over on the Thomann site. I'll do a review for here later, when I've worn it in, so to speak. I have seen a rumour that this model is not made in China, but rather comes from Indonesia. There are no 'made in' markings on it or the packaging, so I don't know one way or the other.

The only thing I might ever do to it is upgrade the pickups, but for my purposes the slightly gruff sounding HB ones that are supplied will do nicely for now, thank you.


That's a nice looking guitar! It looks super affordable especially considering the active pickups. I look forward to your full review. Is yours black like the one in the link? I'm not sure if there are other colour options. - terrible guitar playing verbalised as terrible writing.



Looks nice for the price. There are occasionally good guitars for cheap. I have a couple cheapies that I would not give up, but later years of the same models were nearly unplayable.. Important thing is that it feels good and sounds good.

Do guitars need to come in colors other than black?  - Unique instruments for unique musicians.

Scarebear - terrible guitar playing verbalised as terrible writing.


 . . and red, and natural, and green and blue and just every colour you can think of. Cars, on the other hand, should only be red.


Scarebear I agree. Good to have choices.

Hinfrance I will agree on the car color. With guitars it gets too complicated. What if I have a guitar in drop d but it is red and I am wearing a green shirt (purely hypothetical, I only wear black in real life). It would clash. Now I need another one that would match, so then I need multiple colors of each guitar. This means having exponentially more guitars to buy and store. As if there are not enough as it is just due to keeping them in different tunings, body styles and just sounding better for a certain type of music. Although I would go dark red on a hollow or semi hollow jazz box or SG shape.  - Unique instruments for unique musicians.


I took a couple of snaps of it - I am still enamoured of it and play it and the Prophesy almost exclusively now.


A computer once beat me at chess.  As it turns out, though, it was no match for me at kick boxing...


Sorry Howard, been meaning to come back and respond to this thread, but house decorating has taken over my life atm.

Mate that's a cool looking guitar, I've always wanted to try a set of active pickups.  Hope you're enjoying the guitar.  ;)
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Hopefully you'll get the decorating done before Christmas Mick!

The L-1000 is still proving most enjoyable - lovely to play for a hamfisted novice like me. There is certainly a lot of output from it, and it is pretty versatile. Makes a great addition to the collection and is sitting in the study behind me on a stand next to the 450L and my Hohner bass.

I reckon it was well worth the £130 it cost.  :tup:

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