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Digitech Digidelay

Started by Connor Baxter, October 15, 2013, 09:24:57 PM

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Connor Baxter

The DigiDelay is an awesome pedal from the Gods at Digitech with multiple modes, controls, and some other pretty cool features too!


Up to 4 seconds of delay
7 different delay types plus Tap Temp
Stereo outputs with switchable CITâ,,¢ Cabinet Modeling

Sound Samples:

with the 4 seconds of delay usable in this box of dreams, you can get an array of different sounds, whether it be simple lead tone colouring, funk slap echo, Hank Marvin Strat tape, to Dave Gilmour ambient like tones!

There are 7 different types of delay at your disposal with this bad boy and they are as follows!

1.-3. Are Digital delays of different times so you can accurately get the sound you want by fine tuning with the Time and Repeat knobs.

4. For all the retro enthusiasts out there, included is an authentic Tape Reel Delay which sounds awesome! for Jimmy Page use and Classic Rock Solo Tones this is for you! with a high Mid lead tone, you get some fierce backing for your favorite licks and runs. 8)

5. Here is one of my favorites which is the Mod-Delay. A very creative tool indeed, it is essentially a hybrid of Digital Delay, mixed with a thick Dreamy chorus to make a very nice effect indeed. Great for any clean chord work that needs some magic, or some very sweet soling and volume swells (John Petrucci fans! :D). This effect sounds great with Alex Lifeson (Rush) playing, Steve Howe (Asia) and almost anything Prog Rock and Progressive.

6. Reverse, now this truly is a whacky effect. There really is no "proper" way of using it, it really does lend itself to the users creativity. it basically replicates what you just played backwards! which sounds pretty cool with short chords or riffs, and when doing your favorite licks, it just makes you laugh seriously! could work well with  lot of more modern electronic music, but just remember that with this effect the awesomeness is in the beholder!

7. Finally here we have our Loop function, it has a 4- second looper which gives you just enough time for a chord progression to jam over if that's your thing, is great for teaching, if you need a backing chord to play a run over, or a rhythm to keep to. But more interestingly if you perform solo, you can use the looper to added some little colorings and percussion Looped to go with your performance, and this works great as you can keep overdubbing the loop to add more parts etc. a great tool for the creative guitarist indeed.

Overall this pedal is Packed full of great features, and incredible sounds for the price, it is easily one of the best pedals Ive ever owned. incredibly useful, versatile, and a lot of fun to mess around with by experimenting with the controls. I Recommend that you get in-store and try one of these out if you can find one as you won't be disappointed!

Thanks a bunch

Connor Baxter

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