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@FerroKings Introducing the World's first "Liquid Pickups"

Started by Ferro-Kings, December 15, 2012, 03:44:00 PM

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Announcing the World's first "Liquid Pickupsâ,,¢" for electric, acoustic and bass guitars.
Ferro-Kings Liquid Pickups - The first to use ferrofluid to enhance the sound qualities of a magnetic pickup.

In the 60's, NASA developed ferrofluid to use in anti-gravity fueling experiments. Now nanotechnology has come to guitar pickup design.
Liquid Pickupsâ,,¢ have several new and unique processes at work that allow our pickups to capture sound waves and resonance vibrations that are normally missed by today's magnetic pickup designs.

- An extra magnetic field...
Ferrofluid is a viscous fluid with nanoparticles of iron. When placed near a magnetic field, the nanoparticles of iron respond by standing up in peaks. These peaks, when placed near ferrous guitar strings, try to follow the vibrating string. So in addition to having a string breaking the magnetic field to create the signal coming from a pickup, we add a secondary magnetic field that follows the string.

- Vibration travels through liquid...
The same principles that are at play in the human ear are working inside our pickups. It takes several fluids inside the inner ear to allow us to receive and interpret the vibrations from the outside world to what we know as sound.
Vibrations from the instruments travel through the fluid and are captured and affect the transference of signal through the pickup.

- The fluid becomes a liquid diaphragm...
Sound waves from the vibration of strings, the vibrations from the woods that the instruments are made of, and even vibrations from the points of attack like picks or fingers hitting a string can be detected better when transferring through the fluid as opposed to just going through the air.

- And it's customizable...
The ferrofluid comes in different gauss levels (strength or amount of iron particles) and thickness (viscosity). By changing either of these, you slightly alter the sound.
On top of that the different selection of top material adds different resonance factors to the sound.  We use plastic, acrylic, woods, metals, stone, bone, antler, and even stained glass to tweak the variations in sound and tone.

We have been researching and developing our Fluid Sound Technologyâ,,¢ since December 2009. Final prototypes are being tested as of this writing and we will make these available to the general public very soon.

Find out more on our Facebook and Youtube pages.  Please check out our videos and pics.

Twitter is @ferrokings  (Ferro-Kings Liquid Pickups)

Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter and asking us to come over and post!  Please help us spread the word.


Announcing our relationship with American Swindle, a Texas Rock Power Trio from Houston, TX.
On Dec. 30, we did a surprise impromptu testing session with Joey Kilcommins, the AS guitar player/vocalist to test our Liquid Pickups.

Joey had never played or tried our pickups prior to this test. We showed up and basically handed him guitars, he tuned up and played songs like he would normally do.  He tested 3 guitars on 4 songs and the following video is a compilation of the session.
(This has got to be one of the most challenging things to do as a guitar player in a band... have someone walk up and hand you a guitar, plug in and tune up then go into a song with no time on that guitar or your settings.)

As a result, Joey has committed to work with us on development of his own set of Liquid Pickups. He is also taking a Strat with protos to Nashville for recording. American Swindle just signed a production agreement with a well known producer there. (You can find out more about this on their Facebook page)

Thanks to the guys of American Swindle for their open-mindedness and support!


Joey is our latest convert to Liquid Pickups and I wanted to post some feedback and info from him...

"I still couldn't believe how the single coil was getting my amp to scream with harmonics like the humbucker does.  In fact, the liquid pickup  seemed to get a tad bit more out of my amp compared to the Fender Atomic humbucker."

"Overall, I am still just amazed at the transparency coupled with sensitivity!!! These pickups are fantastic and I'm really looking forward to more from you guys!"

"What you're saying about the stone vs. wood makes a lot of sense.  I think that in that same train of thought the slightest changes to the turquoise p/u's would potentially have a more significant result.  I'm still amazed at the difference in sustain on these things.  I think the result of playing liquid pickups is that while there is an audible difference, the difference may only be heard slightly in a video.  I think the real treat is in the actual feel.  It changes the way the guitar feels and makes the amp react positively -- it allows me to explore more within my own technique getting more results.  Also, the guitar isn't as laborious to play when the pickups are singing.  At the same time, they are soooooo responsive.  I can clean my tone up by picking lighter, but when you dig in the amp screams.  The extra wax potting and stuff didn't hinder that part of it at all.  The bridge still retained it's sensitivity to attack which is a huge part of technique.  It's very interesting technology and I'm having a blast playing your p/u's.  I can't wait to get my wood set man!!!!  Those things are gonna scream!!!"

Also... here is his signal chain...
Amp:  Marshall Haze 15H (All tube 15w head)
Cab:  Marshall 1960 with stock 75w Celestions
Pedalboard (in order): 
1. Dulop CryBaby Wah
2. MXR Custom Overdrive (with mid boost)
3. Line 6 MM4 (used only for Univibe effect on one song -- "Shine On")
4. Marshall EchoHead delay pedal (Seldomly used)
5. *Not in line* Marshall Channel switcher

The MXR is the only frequently used pedal I have in the chain.  I use it only on solos and I only use it as a volume boost with slight gain.  The Volume knob is cranked, the Gain knob is dialed almost all the way back, the Tone knob is set to match amp tone with only slightly more high end frequencies.  For the most part, it's fairly transparent. 

Joey is using a 2008 Fender American Strat with Arizona Turquoise Liquid Pickups in a recording session in Nashville later this week.
More to come on that.


Just wanted to say a big THANKS to Guitarist Guild for your support and exposure!!!
You guys most definitely ROCK and we really appreciate you helping us get the word out!



UPDATE and Special Pre-Release Announcement

We have to move our testing workshop which is causing a slight delay in our product launch.

Around the later part of February we will be announcing a “Special Pre-Release Limited Edition PAF Sale”.  We will be offering up a dozen or so Deluxe Liquid Pickupsâ,,¢ sets for Strats and Tele-type Single Coils.  Since we are in the final stages of our patent these will officially be labeled "PAF", have special serial #'s, and be initialed by us.

So not only will you have a chance to own the first sets of this new Fluid Sound Technologyâ,,¢, but after we go worldwide and establish our concept you will have a great collector’s edition.  These sets will also be discounted from our normal pricing.

We’ll be broadcasting the announcement over all our social networking sites.


Update... All of our trademarks are official now.

Liquid Pickups®
Fluid Sound Technology®

Now... if we can just get some pickups coming off the assembly line then we'll be cooking.
Thanks for all the positive vibes!


WOW... over 2000 views!  Thanks so much for the great exposure GG!  We love you guys!

Here's a few new videos and updates to chew on.

First, we have found a way to perform "Fluid Modifications" for existing humbuckers which incorporates us putting our fluid chamber into a humbucker and using 3 different fluids to enhance the pickup response.  E & A have a fluid selected for bottom-end response. D & G fluid selected for mid-range response and of course, B & E selected for great high-end response.  Then we top in off with a solid humbucker cover and seal the complete pup.

This mod is also protected by our patent.  We'll be setting up a "Mod Shop" soon so folks can now have their fav humbuckers made into Liquid Pickups.

Here was the first ever test.  Look for new video demos of this mod soon that showcase the clean as well as overdriven tone. (Pardon my cheap recording equipment)



Here is a short video by Robert Len Stallard (RLSGuitar) showcasing his new custom Ferro-Kings Holy Trinity Liquid Pickups in a tribute to his brother on his birthday.  (More info on this set is at our Facebook page,

Thanks for all your support.  We hope to have Liquid Pickups available to all very soon.

~Mike @ Ferro-Kings


Quote from: Ferro-Kings on July 21, 2013, 03:44:05 PM

WOW... over 2000 views!  Thanks so much for the great exposure GG!  We love you guys!

Mike, you're welcome.  :tup:

Those Pups are sounding really nice indeed.  Won't be long before we see them in a production guitar, I'm sure.  :tup:


Thank You, "[you]" For Reading This Post.

Guitarist Guild
Camera Craniums


Hey Mick and gang... posting an update.  I'll also post some more new pics in a day or so with news of our opening the Ferro-Kings Liquid Pickups Mod Shop within the next month.

Joey Kilcommins of American Swindle gets Liquid Pickups


Hi, when and where can we order these?  I'm after a new sound :-)

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Quote from: paulnoise on September 22, 2013, 11:13:28 AM
Hi, when and where can we order these?  I'm after a new sound :-)

Sent from my C6903 using Xparent Purple Tapatalk 2

That's a very good question. Hopefully we'll get some news soon.  :tup:
Thank You, "[you]" For Reading This Post.

Guitarist Guild
Camera Craniums


We are trying like crazy to launch our "Mod Shop" on our website ( around Nov. 1st.  I'll be posting here with all the details.
Time to get this ball rolling!!!

Thanks for asking!

~Mike @FerroKings


Hi Mike, thanks for the update.  ;)

Exciting stuff for sure. I'm really glad we are able to help, and see your ideas become a reality. :tup:


Thank You, "[you]" For Reading This Post.

Guitarist Guild
Camera Craniums


To all our friends and supporters...

I just wanted to let everyone know that we are still kicking and trying to finalize our designs. We started this adventure in December 2009, and now here it is 4 years later, and we are finally on the verge of releasing our concepts and products.

Developing a new technology is very challenging and sometimes takes longer than we would like. If we were a big company with resources like personnel and capital, then we could have already had this to market. We are 2 guys with limited time and money so EVERYTHING is a challenge at this point.

Trying to harness the potential of "Fluid Sound Technology®" is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my business life. To quote Commander Peter Quincy Taggert of "Galaxy Quest"... "Never give up, never surrender!"

All of the feedback from our local players and testers suggest that the fluid DOES bring something to the sound and tone. This is from numerous players with 20-40 years of playing experience. I have to believe in the potential of what we are doing.

So thanks again for your support, understanding, and patience. You WILL see Ferro-Kings Liquid Pickups® available very soon!!!

Have a great Holiday season!

Here is the original post if you want to check out our Facebook page...

Connor Baxter

These look brilliant, i'll be sure to keep an eye on your products in the future!

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